best types of real estate investment in Turkey

The investment in real estate in Turkey is considered one of the most secure and successful types of investment, due to the diversity of investment options and the presence of a large number of properties in it, which are suitable for all projects. Determining the type of property suitable for the investment project is an important essential step for its success. 

But what are the types of real estate in Turkey? 

Commercial Property: 


We all know that trade is one of the economic sources in Turkey, especially for foreigners in Turkey. Therefore, Turkish markets are unstable, especially in Istanbul or tourist areas, where foreign customers are always present in Turkish markets. 


Offices are considered one of the most beautiful opportunities for investment especially after the emergence of a need after the establishment of small and medium-sized foreign companies, they do not need large buildings, but  foreigners can rent offices to manage their various business from within Turkey, and do not need to be in high-priced places. 


Import and export companies,like major real estate companies, and health insurance companies. It is also easy to open a library or printing press, all of which represent opportunities for investment in companies in Turkey. 

It should be noted that the Turkish laws support projects on their territory by allowing foreigners to open their own companies, with the support of many legal facilities. 


Hotel properties need high funding and may need large budgets that cannot be sustained by one. It is better to enter into partnerships or buy shares in many hotel projects, in order to ensure the diversity of income and profit from the various tourist seasons. 

Restaurants and cafes: 

 Especially in vital areas or tourist areas such as Fatih and Esenyurt , the profits of restaurants and cafes are fictional, especially restaurants that offer many popular and international food. 

Cafes are popular in Turkey, attracting regular customers. 

Schools and training sectors 

The educational and training sector has become one of the most prevalent sectors for foreign in Turkey, due to the importance of having kindergartens for young children in the summer period, and the need to teach them Turkish and English languages.There are also some vocational training courses and many other aspects of education. 

Always keep in mind when purchasing a building to open a school in which to the specifications of the building, the Turkish Ministry of Education set certain conditions for the building to give a license. 

The investment market in Turkey's real estate market is multidisciplinary and selective, so the investor is always looking for the type or option that is most suitable for him to start investing in Turkey real estate. 

Residential properties in Turkey 

Standard apartments: 

These apartments are located in the normal Turkish neighborhoods, as they are only related to the building in which they are, as most of the Turkish residential buildings are characterized by the presence of electric doors or surveillance cameras, but this is not in the normal apartment in the Turkish neighborhoods, as well as housing buildings with several floors the electric elevators, security officer and cameras are available in many Turkish residential buildings in addition to cleaning service for cleaning of stairs and corridors. 

The prices of these apartments are linked to the general market price of the region. Also, the price of an apartments is determined by the availability of services as the price of apartments in residential buildings that provide many services within the property. Also, the location of the property and its proximity to facilities and services contribute to the high prices of apartments and rental prices. 

Apartments complexes: 

These apartments are located in new built residential complexes and have many services that make them distinctive apartments such as the availability of protection and security and the presence of security staff at the doors of modern residential complexes, and the availability of surveillance cameras, and these complexes also contain a garage for cars, and large green areas and also contains playgrounds, parks, swimming pools, restaurants and markets at least, and some complexes have a supermarket or shops, there may also be a primary school or mosque. 

Residential complexes in Istanbul are one of the best and most luxurious residential complexes in Turkey, and the residence in these complexes in Istanbul is the dream of many who want to buy apartments in Turkey. 

It is natural that the prices of apartments in these modern residential complexes are more expensive than similar ones outside, and the rental prices for these apartments will certainly be high. In other areas of Istanbul there are affordable and moderate apartments such as Esenyurt, Basaksehir, Sakarya and Bahçeşehir. 

Villas in Turkey

Standard Villas 

These houses have a large area surrounded by fence and green space, there are many villas in Turkey in many neighborhoods and are far from tourist centers, these villas are located in normal areas and often in rural areas, and they are the favorite choice for retirees and lovers of calm and luxury life. 

Tourist Villas 

These villas are much more expensive than ordinary villas, and have distinctive views of the coasts or attractive areas, but they resemble ordinary villas in terms of spaces and interiors. 

Penthouse apartments 

These apartments are of a new type and are located in large buildings and skyscrapers. It features a large area and the walls of the house are mostly glass, which means a great view throughout the day. The penthouse offers comfort, tranquility and a system that resembles independent villas, and there is no other neighbor on the floor, which helps the inhabitants to live independently. These apartments are expensive, but they are very luxurious. 

Duplex Apartments 

It consists of two complete residential apartments, one of which is above the other, and is linked by Inner staircase. It is an ideal choice for families who cannot afford independent villas. 

Triplex Apartments 

They are larger than the duplexes, and consist of 3 apartments on top of each other, and are connected to each other by an internal staircase, which is good and ideal for large families, and also provide the landlord to rent one or more floors. 

They also can take advantage of the extra space, especially the last floor, to make it a private office, or health club. 

Studio apartments 

Studio apartment is a small apartment, usually with an area of 60 square meters and there are smaller and larger of this area, this type of apartments are established to accommodate one person or two at most, and is characterized by being moderate in price compared to similar apartments due to the small size, therefore their rent is also very low than other apartments. 

The apartment consists of a spacious bedroom, and as there is an American kitchen, 

It is a good and suitable for students or those who love to live on their own, it provides them with comfort and independence besides their low price and away from the participatory at youth housing, which can be annoying sometimes. 

The variety of types of properties in Turkey is a very important advantage as in which you can find popular and ordinary housing to luxury housing, and the real estate market and the property types in Turkey covers all investment needs of tourism, residential, commercial and industrial. 

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