What are the best Turkish universities in Istanbul?

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Turkish universities in Istanbul
Turkish universities in Istanbul

Tourists visit Turkey every year for a variety of goals and objectives. Some visit it for vacation with family and friends,

And others intend it to work or establish an investment, especially in the field of real estate investment in Turkey,

One of the important reasons that attracts foreigners is also the Turkish universities, where students from different countries have increased their enrollment to study there.

The city of Istanbul has a number of the most important and oldest of these universities, including:

Istanbul University:

It is the oldest of the Turkish universities and occupies a position among the top 10 Turkish universities, as it is among the top 500 universities in the world

Its history dates back to 1453, when Sultan Mehmet II himself laid the foundation stone for an educational school based in Hagia Sophia and its neighboring Zeyrak Church, one of the first sciences and subjects that were taught at Istanbul University, medicine and law, literature, astronomy and mathematics. 

It has also contained the first teaching hospital or university hospital, Dar al-Shafaqah hospital.

The university took the name of "Istanbul University" and its headquarters is known today in the "Beyazit" area of the municipality of Fatih in the city of Istanbul in 1933, perhaps the most distinctive landmarks of this university, is the entrance of its headquarters.

And in it contains various of facilities in which all different types of section are taught such as: medicine, engineering, literature, arts and sciences.

Marmara University:

It was officially opened in 1897 and its headquartered is located in the Asian section of Istanbul in the kadiKoy district.

The building has a distinctive architectural style, and the university has about 12 campuses distributed in both the European and Asian sections of Istanbul.

Marmara University teaches all educational levels from Bachelor and Postgraduate in five different languages namely Turkish, English, French, German and Arabic.

This is what distinguishes it from other Turkish universities, in addition to the many and modern study programs that it owns and therefore we find that the most important figures in the history of modern Turkey are graduates of Marmara University such as former Turkish President "Abdullah Gul" and the current Turkish President "Recep Tayyip Erdogan"

Mohammed Al-Fateh Endowment University:

It was built in 2010 by the endowment institution that hold the same name and the headquarters of the university is located in the Fatih area, in addition to the headquarters there are five other campuses distributed throughout the city of Istanbul, namely:

Halicoglu campus in Beyoglu

Kandili campus in the region of Uskudar

Kucuk Calimca campus in Uskudar

Topkapi campus in Zetinburnu

The campus of the mother Atika in Uskudar

It is considered one of the few Turkish universities that teach in Arabic as an official teaching language in addition to Turkish and English languages. The university has a number of colleges, higher education institutes and schools, graduate programs and programs for recruiting and exchanging students. Distance and open education.

In addition to these universities there are many important private Turkish universities in Istanbul such as Istanbul Bilgi and Istanbul Technical University.

On the other hand, students who come to study in the Turkish universities often settle in houses for rent near their universities, but some may want to settle permanently with their families and they look to buy cheap apartments in Istanbul in places close to universities or have good transportation.

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