What do you know about medical tourism in Turkey?

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Turkey ranks third in the world in medical tourism, and plans to remove America from the top.

Turkey has given increasing attention to the medical tourism sector, and in 2015 the Turkish government approved the formation of a coordinating council comprising several ministries aimed at regulating the medical tourism and granting certificates to the competent hospitals in this field. 

What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism is a two-way process, in which a foreign tourist combines his desire to visit tourist places in Turkey with the allocation of several days of his leave for medication and medical treatment.

In recent years, the integration of medical tourism with real estate investment in Turkey has been active. Where Investors wishing to buy apartments in Istanbul have come to Turkey for treatment and investment at the same time.

Medical tourism in Turkey surpassed its competitors according to several factors, including:

The Turkish Government has always monitored hospitals and medical centers. The government has imposed a strict system on medical facilities to implement the quality of medical and technical standards adopted by the International Health Council, including hospitals and private and government centers.

Turkey has been developing medical supplies and acquiring the latest medical equipment

The Reduced costs of medical operations in Turkey compared to other countries. Turkey offers the latest medical technology at low cost and competitive prices up to a quarter of the value in other countries.

Medical competencies and expertise working in Turkish centers and hospitals are of the most important factors that make Turkey a destination for medical tourism around the world.

Over many years of medical work in various fields of hair transplantation, cosmetic surgery, and organ transplantation, and other difficult and precise operations, doctors have gained vast experience that has added to the medical tourism in Turkey excellence.

 Services provided by medical centers in Turkey:

Medical tourism centers in Turkey offers many free services. The hospital's and medical center provide free consultation services with diagnosis, offers and costs. In addition to the reception services at the airport and accompany the patient during his stay in Turkey with the provision of a special interpreter accompany the patient during his treatment.

 All these services are for free from medical centers spread in Turkey, and these services are not provided by treatment centers in other countries.

 The most beautiful tourist places in the world you find in Turkey. The treatment journey becomes a recreation and convalescence. In Turkey, the beauty of nature meets the fragrant history. Turkey is home to the most important monuments in the world. In addition to being an investment destination for businessmen, traders and investors looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul and interested in the real estate market in Turkey.

Your trip to Turkey will be a three-way trip, boasting investment, treatment and recreation.

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