Let's learn about the Uskudar region at the Asian Istanbul:

Updated: Dec 13, 2019


At the entrance to the Bosporus Strait on its eastern Asian side, the Uskudar area is located between Kadıköy in the south and Beykoz from the north and is also close to the port of Pasha.

The tourist importance of the area of Uskudar in Istanbul comes from its historical importance as it was a center for the gathering and living of the ruling class and aristocratic families during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, especially in the recent period, where a number of palaces and villas were built, especially on the Bosporus Strait, which has become today iconic tourist attractions.

In addition, the area of Uskudar has a charming nature, rich in green hills overlooking the city of Istanbul with all its beauty.

The most important tourist sites in Uskudar

As one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul, it certainly contains a large number of important and distinctive tourist destinations, the most important of which are:

Maiden’s tower:

It is a tower or a lighthouse that its history and the reason of its construction is still unknown and the stories and fables are simulated around it and it is located in the waters of the Bosporus Strait near the coast of Uskudar and can be reached by boats that takes of it and the Maiden’s tower contains a cafe and restaurant on the last floor of it.

Camlica Hill:

It is the highest hill of Istanbul and is divided into two hills namely Grand Camlica with a height of 276 m above sea level and little Camlica with a height of 229 m above sea level.

Camlica overlooks the entire city of Istanbul and this is the most important featureof it as it overlooks the strait with its bridges, the islands of princesses and even Mount Uludag, located in the area of Sakarya near the city of Bursa in addition to the entire European section of Istanbul.

Beylerbeyi Palace:

This palace was built in 1876 and was used as a summer resort for the Ottoman sultans, in addition to being used as a palace for the hospitality of world leaders and kings and politicians.

Beylerbeyi Palace is characterized by the magnificence and uniqueness of its architectural design, which blends the western character with the oriental character.

The outside of the palace is decorated with a beautiful garden full of trees, statues and many water pools.

Inside the palace, you will find the Salamlek Section, the Haramlek Section, the Admiral Room, the Blue Lounge and the Salon.

Emaar Square Mall:

Opened in 2017, the mall covers an area of 150,000 square meters and consists of three floors comprising of some of the most beautiful local and international brands.

For the most famous fashion houses around the world in addition to the Turkish village, which is similar to the design of the popular Turkish bazaar.

Advantages of living in and owning a property in Uskudar:

Located in the Asian side of Istanbul, Uskudar enjoys a warm and comfortable atmosphere and a calm environment in addition to the beautiful and charming nature, houses in the region are characterized by high-end designs from inside out and are spread today with many luxury residential complexes, it is also a good site to buy villas in Istanbul

As for the prices of Istanbul properties in the area of Uskudar, they range from medium to high, especially in the areas near the important tourist attractions such as the Bosporus coast and Camlica hill and others.

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