How much do you know about Bursa in Turkey:

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Bursa in Turkey
Bursa in Turkey

Each city in Turkey has its own character and atmosphere and each one of them has its own charm, all of which have the characteristics and features that make it of tourist and economic importance in the country.

And the city of Bursa in Turkey is considered one of the most important cities in the country for many reasons and on several levels.


Bursa is located in the northwest of Turkey between the cities of Ankara and Istanbul, and is one of the most important and largest Turkish cities and have been so for several civilizations and empires that have passed on this land.

Bursa is characterized by a beautiful nature as it has coasts on the Sea of Marmara in addition to the presence of Mount Uludag in it and the abundance of wide green landscapes and of which the city has the name of the Green Bursa. 

The most important landmarks:

The city of Bursa contains many recreational places and historical and tourist attractions, the most important of which are:

Mount Uludag: It is the highest mountain on the coast of Marmara and is one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey, especially in winter, where it is attended to enjoy the practice of skiing and snowmobiling

Iznik Museum: It was built in 1388 by the Ottoman Sultan Murad I, to be inaugurated as a national museum later in 1960. The museum contains antiquities of jewelry, coins and ceramic materials from the Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman periods, as well as frescoes and stones from the Islamic era, as well as the presence of shrines of historical figures from the same era.

Oylat Springs: One of the most important hot springs in the country, where the temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius. They are located in a valley with a breathtaking nature and its water is rich with salts and minerals, giving it therapeutic properties for many conditions and physical ailments such as skin diseases, joints, muscle spasm and others.

Mudanya: a small coastal city affiliated to Bursa province and characterized by its charming nature and simple rural character and apparent in the designs and forms of its houses, this city has beautiful and clean coasts and pure water and is scattered with many luxury hotels overlooking the sea and for that it is a great destination for summer vacation in Turkey.

Bursa in terms of economy and investment:

Bursa is one of the most important industrial cities in Turkey, especially machinery, textiles and food

Factories spread all over the city and it contribute to the Turkish economy significantly. in addition to that, today it is also considered an important investment destination for both foreign and local investors, and due to its tourist importance it also draws the attention of those who are considering to invest in the market of real estate in Turkey and a good number of foreigners want to own apartments In Bursa, both for stability and  investing, in general, like most cities in Turkey, Bursa properties are characterized by the quality of their building materials and the beauty of their design for moderate and reasonable prices.

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