How to start a business in Turkey?

Turkey has achieved great economic success in recent years, and the Turkish government has been able to make the country a destination for foreign investors to invest their money by buying properties in Turkey.

After the issuance of the decision to grant Turkish citizenship to those who own a property worth 250 thousand dollars, foreign investors flocked to buy apartments in Istanbul and the attention of the most was towards the search for villas for sale in European Istanbul

Investing in real estate is a successful and guaranteed investment that can never afford to lose capital and provides high return on profitability annually.

But it is not the only opportunity for foreign investors in Turkey, as there are many investment options in commercial projects, whether small or large

Today we are highlighting how to start a business in Turkey

The Turkish government has passed a trade law that paves the way for foreign investors to invest directly in Turkey. The Foreign Investment Law is based first on the principle of reciprocity, allowing international investors to enjoy the same rights and obligations as local investors. They can establish any type of company provided for in Turkish commercial law just like Turkish citizens

It should be noted that the types of companies are: a joint stock company, a limited liability company, a cooperative company, a partnership company, a limited partnership company. 

If It is subject to Turkish commercial law then foreign investors can choose what suits them of these types for their business.

In order to enhance the investment environment, the Turkish government has introduced reforms and amendments to its laws to simplify the procedures for starting a business in the country

The Turkish Ministry of Commerce has also set up an electronic platform "MERSIS" to facilitate the procedures of establishing companies

There are other advantages in Turkey, such as government incentive schemes for foreign investors and the state's commitment to double taxation agreements that ensure that investors do not suffer double taxation. 

Also, to provide a clear legal basis for the transfer of assets and ease of residence and work permit procedures is the most prominent.

Many foreign investors want to establish business in Turkey and during the establishment of their new business they need to stay in Turkey for long periods in order to follow-up the work so they need apartments for housing, in this case it is better to buy an apartment in Istanbul if the business’s headquarter was in Istanbul, and it is advisable to choose the location of the apartment near the headquarters of his company.

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