Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul the home of sultans and the first headquarters of the Turkish Republic

Updated: Dec 13, 2019


With its bright turquoise water and beautifully decorated banks with nature forests, palaces and charmingly designed houses, this is how the Bosporus strait is seen in one of the most beautiful cities in the world Istanbul, the cradle of history, civilization and beauty.

Both the Asian and European banks of the Bosporus are characterized by the distribution of a number of beautiful palaces with great historical value, and which is of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul and is considered an invaluable national treasure for Turkey, where its value stems from the history and greatness of its construction, and therefore all these palaces today are of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey which attracts visitors from different parts of the globe.

Dolmabahçe Palace is one of the most important palaces overlooking the Bosporus in Istanbul.

History of Dolmabahçe Palace

This palace was the headquarters of the Ottoman Empire in the period between 1856 to 1922 except the period during which ruled the Sultan Abdul Hamid II and it extended from 1887 to 1909, where he took from Yildiz Palace as the seat of his rule instead of Dolmabahçe Palace

Construction of the palace began in 1843 by order of Sultan Abdul Majid I and continued until 1856. Where 14 tons of gold and 60 tons of silver were used to paint the 45,000 square meters of the palace’s roofs, which rise on a floor of 110,000 square meters.

As for its architectural design of the palace it combines the Rococo style which is characterized by aristocratic sculpture and photography, and the Baroque style, which features curved shapes, columns, paintings and decoration in addition to Greek decoration.

So, Dolmabahçe is one of the first buildings built in Western architecture.

Later, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder and first president of the Republic of Turkey, took it as his headquarter. He also died in it, and his wing and the hours of his room still indicate the time and date of his death.

Palace sections

The palace consists of three sections:

The Sultanate or Selamlek section, the celebrations and festivals section, and finally the women's section, known as the Haremlik. The Palace has 285 rooms, 43 salons, 6 Turkish baths and 43 toilets, all of which are luxurious in cladding and design.

In the interior of the palace there are 56 columns, a huge crystal chandelier weighing 4.5 tons, made of crystal, and contains 750 lamps, in addition to a number of precious artifacts such as glass candlestick, made in Czechoslovakia, and a French vase, set with precious stones, And small statues.

The chimneys are made of pure silver, and the roofs of the palace are covered with gold and glass,

The most beautiful room of the palace is the hall throne, which can accommodate 4,000 people, with windows overlooking the Bosporus.

In the outer courtyard of the palace there is a clock tower which is a tower topped by a clock at a height of 27 m which was a gift from France. The palace is surrounded by 150-year-old trees from India, and a special cafeteria near the palace.

Location of Dolmabahçe Palace and how to get there

Dolmabahçe Palace is located in the Besiktas area on the European bank of the Bosporus in Istanbul.

You can go either from Taksim Square by walking or take the metro from Taksim Square to Kabatas and get off at Besiktas Station 200 meters from the Palace.

It is also possible to get to the place from the area of Aksaray or Sultanahmet Square by tramway passing through both areas where the palace is located a few meters from the last stop on the tram line.

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