Buying a villa in Istanbul, Turkey ... Is it a successful investment?

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

villa in Istanbul
villa in Istanbul

In light of the economic and urban growth witnessed by Turkey in the recent period, which came as a result of the policies of the Turkish government, which was based on the principle of more openness to various countries of the world.

The Turkish state relied on attracting foreigners the country on several levels, including tourism, medical tourism, education, trade and investment.

New prospects have been opened for foreign investors in various Turkish cities, especially in Turkey's real estate market, which is today one of the strong foundations of the country's economy, which is pumping large amounts of money into the state’s treasury.

Buy property in Istanbul

It is no secret that the Istanbul real estate market is the most important element and the first attraction of foreign investors to the real estate market in Turkey

Or even for families and people who have been to Turkey to settle and live, regardless of the motives today many prefer to buy apartments and villas in Istanbul in particular, for several reasons, the most important of which is the richness of the city with services and entertainment facilities and tourist attractions.

Real estate options in Istanbul vary greatly due to several factors, as it is a city with a large area and contains a large number of areas and neighborhoods in addition to the rapid and continuous movement of construction taking place in which, where today spread in Istanbul hundreds of residential projects that provide various types of properties like villas, apartments, offices and hotel apartments and others.

This diversity makes the investor somewhat confused when deciding to invest in Istanbul real estate

However, this is quite positive for you as an investor bescause multiple choices gives you more freedom to choose and ultimately get the investment that suits you with a guaranteed profit.

Buying a villa in Istanbul is considered a successful real estate investment

When talking about real estate investment options in Turkey, it is necessary to address the issue of buying villas in Istanbul for investment purposes.

The city of Istanbul is surrounded by water and has a large number of beaches in addition to the coast of the famous Bosporus Strait

The city is also rich in charming natural facilities such as forests, gardens and large green areas

Construction companies have been keen to exploit most of these areas for the construction of residential projects in particular villas system. These companies offer many attractive offers such as a guarantee of multi-year rental of the property, which means that the investor has a wide spectrum of choice and a guaranteed profit.

On the other hand, Istanbul is a tourist destination for tourists from all over the world and at all times and seasons of the year, and a significant number of these tourists, especially families prefer to stay in apartments or villas over hotels, which means a guaranteed financial return for the investor in the case of putting the villa for rent.

Options of buying villas in Istanbul

As already mentioned, the city of Istanbul is rich in all the services and recreational facilities necessary for living in addition to its capturing nature and therefore there are several options when you want to buy a villas in Istanbul.

These options are distributed mainly by location, ie the location of the villa determines the price and the nature of the investment that can be created in it.

There are many projects that include villas and other independent in areas considered to be upscale and tourist in the first place such as the areas overlooking the Bosporus on the Asian and European sides, including Bebek, Sariyer, Uskudar and Besiktas, and property prices in general in these areas are the highest in the city

While the prices of villas are relatively moderate in other areas such as Buyukcekmece, Basaksehir and Beylikdüzü and Tuzla and Beykoz and others.

The most important when buying a villa in Istanbul for investment is to be close to natural tourist facilities such as beaches, sea and forests in addition to the availability of transport to it is easy and convenient.

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