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Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Istiklal street
Istiklal street

The center of the old city, the heart of the old town and its most famous features, the Taksim Square in the Turkish city of Istanbul, it is the first destination for most of the city's visitors and tourists who visit it from different countries of the world.

City of Istanbul adjacent to the districts of Karakoy, Pera, Harbiye and Besiktas which are the oldest neighborhoods of the city.

It is located in Taksim Square, the most important meeting and transportation center in the city, which includes several subway lines and a bus station in addition to taxi stops.

There are also a number of international five-star hotels such as the Intercontinental and Hilton.

And one of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul and associated with the Taksim Square is the ancient Istiklal Street.

Location and overview of Istiklal Street:

Istiklal Street is located in the European part of Istanbul in Beyoglu district, only a ten minutes' walk from Taksim Square

Istiklal Street can be easily reached from any area of the city by the subway that takes off from Yeni Kapi station and ends at Haciosman station, which is the M2 metro line.

There are also many buses that starts from different parts of Istanbul and reaches Istiklal Street.

As for the history of this famous street it dates back to the Ottoman era, which is as old as Taksim Square, but it had many names in the past, including Pera Grand Street and Grand Street, until the establishment of the Republic of Turkey and its independence, where celebrations have been held there and since then it was called Istiklal Street.

Istiklal Street stretches from Taksim Square and ends at the famous Galata Tower. It is approximately of one and a half kilometers long. This street is known for being the preferred venue for hosting various events, festivals and celebrations in the city as well as popular gatherings.

Istiklal Street is home to many important places where there are historical churches such as the Church of St. Maria and the Church of Saint Antoine, as there are at the beginning of it the French Consulate as well.

It contains many cafes and Turkish restaurants and there are on both sides of the street and from the beginning to the end of a large number of clothing shops for international brands and Turkish high-class

There is also the Mall Demiroren and the famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, which includes wax sculptures of a number of famous international figures of singers and actors in addition to a number of important Turkish and international historical figures.

One of the most important features of Istiklal Street is the archaeological tram line that runs in the middle of it on a railway that extends from Taksim Square to the end of the street.

And of the other special places of Istiklal Street,

  The famous historical flower corridor, which took its name because the rich Russian women used to sell flowers in it, after the Russian Revolution in 1917, and contains many restaurants, cafes, wineries

Pandora bookstore, which is one of the rarest store books in Istanbul which has books in several languages and topics as diverse as art, history, literature, tourism and many others.

Taksim properties:

As for the Istanbul real estate market in Taksim and its surroundings, it is suitable for lovers of city life with its hustle and bustle.

Where it is spread with old houses in addition to the high-end residential complexes with modern designs, and properties prices in these areas are high because of the tourist and historical importance of it.

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