Title deeds in the Turkish law

Those who want to own or buy a property in Turkey  from foreign investors must know the Turkish laws related to this subject and understand them well. 

The title deed of all kinds is the most important legal thing to know about before thinking about buying a property in Turkey. 

There are several types of title deeds to buy a property in Turkey, the most important of which are: 

Real estate easing bond: 

The property is registered with a concessionary title when a property is purchased in Turkey in a project that is under construction. The easement bond is the bond in which each section of the property is registered separately. The project is divided into sections (the number of apartments within the building). 

The type of property is included in such bonds (construction land) due to the unfinished construction. 

Upon completion of the construction works, the title deed is granted in full. 

Full title deed: 

When you buy apartments in Turkey ready for delivery and housing you are given a full title deed of your apartment proving your ownership of the apartment and reserves your legal right. 

It is worth mentioning in this context that the disclosure of the land registry before the purchase is very important in order to know whether the property is subject to restrictions such as seizure or mortgage, and should consult the Department of Land Registry to disclose and inquire it, because there is no mention of the restrictions, if any in the title deed.

As a foreign investor and to avoid any problems and ensure a legal and easy purchase process make sure to choose a good real estate consultancy company professional and legal to protect yourself from fraud and problems in the future. 

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