Bebek...Istanbul's most prestigious shore:

Updated: Dec 13, 2019


It is well known that the city of Istanbul has some of the most charming tourist places in Turkey, and perhaps the most distinctive ones are located near the Bosporus.

One of the most important of these areas is the famous coast of Bebek, which is the hallmark of Istanbul for foreigners who first identified this city through the media and television.

Bebek is located on the coast of the Bosporus Strait in the European section of Istanbul and belongs to the municipality of Besiktas.

This neighborhood is considered one of the finest neighborhoods of the city and this is evident with the luxury of the architectural style in which houses were built and where the most beautiful and luxurious villas in Istanbul are located in it, in addition to the charming view of these houses on the Strait and the Bosporus Bridge.

Bebek has many tourist facilities that must be visited upon arrival to Istanbul, including:

The Asiyan Museum

Also known as the Asian Museum, this museum was the home of the Turkish poet Tawfiq Fikret until 1915 before being converted to a museum in 1945.

Today, this museum houses everything related to the biographies of modern-day writers from Asia and the world and their works.

Bebek Park

Spread over an area of 16,000 square meters on the coast of Bebek, this park is one of the most famous parks in the region and is located directly on the strait and contains various recreational facilities for adults and children.

Emirgan Park:

Located on a hill overlooking the coast of Bebek, it was a garden of the palaces of Khedive Ismail, the ruler of Egypt.

The Emirgan Garden has a magnificent view of the Bosporus as well as various types of colored roses and trees, and there is also a small lake where swans and geese swim.

Other tourist and recreational places in Bebek are: Castle Rumeli the oldest castles of Turkey, Mall of Istinye, a number of luxury hotels and restaurants, including a branch of the famous chain of restaurants Nusret which belongs to the known Turkish chef Nusret or Salt Bae.

In terms of living or real estate investment in Bebek area in Istanbul as a tourist area par excellence, and therefore it is a good option for investment in the field of real estate Turkey, of course, the properties prices in it are considered the highest in the city because of its location and sophistication.

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