Gülhane Park in Istanbul:

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Gülhane Park in Istanbul
Gülhane Park in Istanbul

Gülhane Park is located in Istanbul in the Sultanahmet district of Fatih near the Topkapi Palace,

Other landmarks, such as the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, are also located near it.

This park was formerly the Garden of the Topkapi Palace at the time of the Ottoman sultans' residence,

Then, it was then separated from the palace but, it is still surrounded by its wall.

What activities can you do at the Gülhane Park?

Due to its proximity to historical and tourist attractions you can go on a tour between these places before returning to the park to enjoy the scenery and spend a beautiful time with friends or family.

The Gülhane has a café overlooking the Bosporus Strait and a number of statues suitable for taking memorial photos next to.

It also has an 18-meter-long marble pillar which is an ancient marble pillar dating back to the 3rd century AD.

In the spring season in the month of April, the Tulip Festival starts in Istanbul and the garden is furnished with beautiful tulips in different colors.

In the garden there are also playgrounds for children and walking trails that provide a great place to spend a weekend with family and children.

It is worth mentioning that it is located near the Gülhane Park, both the Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian market, two of the most important historical markets and the most important tourist areas in Istanbul.

How to get to the Gülhane Park?

You can go to Gülhane and easily reach it by the tramway, which depart from the area of Gevizlibag and passes through several areas, including Eminonu and Karakoy and stops directly in front of the park entrance,

The Gülhane Park is open for visitors from the morning till 10 pm and you can enter it for free.

Gülhane is one of the most attractive places for tourists all year round in Istanbul due to its special location, historical importance and charming nature. And its foreign visitors in particular prefer to stay nearby in the Fatih district of Istanbul.

Therefore, with regard to the subject of buying apartments or investing in the market of real estate in Turkey, the surroundings of this park are considered good and preferred places for this purpose.

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