Emirgan Park in Istanbul:

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Emirgan Park
Emirgan Park

The Bosporus Strait in Istanbul is the most important and distinctive tourist landmarks, and the surrounding neighborhoods are considered of the most important areas of the city and the most sophisticated, in addition to containing the most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul and even in Turkey.

One of the most famous neighborhoods near the Bosporus in the European part of the city of Istanbul is the Sariyer district.

Sariyer neighborhood is one of the most beautiful areas overlooking the Strait for several reasons such as its charming nature and proximity to the famous Belgrade forests in addition to the design of houses and bright colors that attract attention, as it also contains a number of places of tourist interest, the most important of which the park Emirgan.

Overview of Emirgan Park:

Emirgan Park is located in the north-east of Istanbul in Sariyer tourist area near Istinye Park complex.

This garden dates back to the pre-Byzantine era and was known during the reign of the Byzantines in Turkey, as the garden of cypress, because of the large number of this trees in it, and then after the advent of Ottoman rule it became the property of Khedive Ismail, then ruler of Egypt and Sudan, which was taken as his headquarters and his family when he came from Egypt

The park has a privileged location on a high hill directly overlooking the waters of the Strait and is one of the most beautiful and largest gardens of the city of Istanbul and extends over an area of 470 thousand square meters.

The most important assets in the park

As mentioned earlier, the garden was owned by Khedive Ismail during the Ottoman Empire era. And the Khedive built three palaces in it, including the White Pavilion, the Pink Pavilion and the Yellow Pavilion, all of which were built of wood.

The park contains about 120 different types of plants and roses in addition to evergreen trees distributed in it.

There are also two porcelain ponds in the garden where many species of birds, such as geese and ducks can be found, 

As well as restaurants, cafes, mosque and wooden benches, which overlook the pools and the Bosporus.

The park has several entrances, one on the side of Sariyer and the other on the coast of the Strait.

Things to do at the Emirgan Park:

This park offers its visitors a variety of entertainment options throughout the year where you can practice running on the dedicated tracks within it

You can also go for picnics and spend the weekend with family and friends and enjoy the beauty of the landscape of trees and flowers and pools of water in addition to the Bosporus capturing scene.

In the spring of each year in April in particular, the park is fully decorated with tulips in various colors.

where the Emirgan park is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul at this time of the year and within the activities of what is known as the Tulip Festival.

You can also take a stroll on the Bosporus coast after exiting the park or sit in one of the upscale Bebek restaurants.

You can get to the park by one of the buses that depart from the Besiktas area or by metro by getting off at the Istanbul Technical University Station and then take a minibus to the park site.

Real estate in Sariyer region

Sariyer is an important tourist area in Istanbul and therefore an important attraction for investment in the field of real estate in Turkey in general and in the city of Istanbul in particular where it represents the most important sites for important and major investment projects in the city, because it enjoys a privileged location close to the most beautiful natural tourism facilities in Istanbul and being affiliated to the Maslak area which is the first trade center in the city.

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