Princes’ Islands in Turkey ... home of princes and sultans throughout the ages:

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Princes Islands
Princes Islands

It is a compound of several small islands scattered within the waters of the Sea of Marmara and away from Istanbul about an hour and a half in the boat and its total area of approximately 16 square kilometers.

The name of the Princes’ islands has many interpretations and stories, but it is likely that this name came from the Byzantine era, where princes kings and rulers used to be to the these islands, and the other interpretation dates back to the Ottoman era, where these islands were a refuge and summer resort for the families of the ruling class in the Ottoman Empire at the time and who built it palaces and high-end houses that are still found until this day.

The most important of princes’ Island:

There is a total of nine islands, but only four of which can be visited:

Buyuk Ada Island, Heybeli Ada Island, Burgaz Ada Island, Kinali Ada Island (Henna Island), Sadaf Ada Island, Yassi Ada Island, Sivri Ada Island, Kasik Ada Island and Tavsan Ada Island (Rabbit Island).

Buyukada: is the largest of the islands of princesses and this is the meaning of its name in Turkish which means the Big Island,

Buyukada also contains a number of historical monuments, such as the church and the Monastery of Hagia Yorgi from the sixth century, the Church of Ayios Demetrios, Monastery and Monastery of Hristos, and the Mosque of the Hamidiye built by Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

In addition to a number of services and entertainment facilities such as hotels, restaurants and shops.

Heybeliada: This island has many destinations and attractions such as: a group of copper mines that have been closed, the Naval Academy, the Greek Orthodox High School, which is located on a large hill amid the pine trees that are currently closed, and the hotel Halki Palace, which is a famous hotel built in 1862 for parents of Greek high school students, destroyed in a fire, and renovated as a hotel in 1995,

The Church of the Virgin Mary, a public beach and a water sports club, also has a picnic area called Degreman, facing the island of Kasik Ada.

Borgaz ada: The island is famous for the presence of the house of the writer Sait Faik Abasiyanik, a famous Turkish book writer in the beginning of the twentieth century, where the house was turned after his death to a museum, there is also a club for sailing and water sports, and many beaches suitable for swimming.

Kinaliada: The beaches of this island are one of the most attractive points for tourists who love swimming and relaxation, especially the beach of ayazma. The island is characterized by the presence of beautiful summer houses that people can rent, and also has a water sports club, and has an Olympic swimming pool. The Byzantine Emperor Romanovs IV exile, in which he died and was buried and it was called the Monastery of Hristos.

How to get to the Princes’ Island from different areas of Istanbul

From Taksim Square: Go to Kabatas port station where ships heading towards the islands, it can be reached either by buses passing through the square or by taking the metro of the Kabatas line.

From Aksaray: You can get to Kabatas Station from Aksaray either by taking a tramway directly to the Kabatas or by taking a bus to Taksim Square and then you can take the Kabatas Metro from there.

You can also get by taxi from anywhere in the city.

The Princes’ Islands is one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey in the summer, which is the most important seasons of tourism in Istanbul as well, during which visits the city a huge number of tourists from different countries of the world in order to enjoy the pleasant climate and spend the summer holiday in the embrace of its charming nature among its forests, beaches and islands.

As for the Istanbul real estate market, it reaches its peak at this time of the year, which is the summer season, during which the activity of rental and purchase of properties and apartments in Istanbul is also active.

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