Let's introduce you with the best types of real estate investment in Turkey:

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

There are many types of real estate investments in Turkey, and some foreign investors are heading to buy apartments in Istanbul in the projects under construction and wait until the completion of construction work and the project is ready for housing and resale, where the profit rate is between 25-35%.

Another team is looking for villas for sale in Istanbul, land and properties in new and growing areas that are part of the Turkish government's plans to qualify them for giant infrastructure projects such as the Istanbul Canal project "New Bosporus" and Istanbul's third airport "the world's largest airport" when Infrastructure projects enter service, the prices will rise by up to 50%.

  Some prefer prefabricated properties and are looking for the best hotel apartments in Istanbul.

 Why foreign investors prefer the hotel apartments system?

The city of Istanbul is one of the most important tourist cities in Turkey for tourists throughout the year, thus full of hotels with foreign guests. In recent years, Istanbul has been very active in the construction of hotel apartments projects for the most famous international hotel chains.

This type of real estate investment in Turkey is considered the best and highest profitable. It is a safe and comfortable investment.

The investor will not have to keep track of the management of the apartment and rent it, look for a tenant and so on.

If you want to enter the real estate market in Turkey and are looking for a successful and safe investment, we recommend that you go to the hotel apartments for a guaranteed investment and return you an abundant profit

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