Camlica... the most famous and the highest among Istanbul’s seven hills:

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Camlica hill
Camlica hill

The magic of Istanbul is divided on its opposite sides and while its European section possess the spirit of the West and the noise, congestion and fun of today's bustling life, the Asian section is characterized by calm and serenity and the presence of the East and its character which is obvious in the authenticity of its buildings and the beauty of its nature.

Asian Istanbul is no less important than European in beauty and in economic and tourist importance, where there are a lot of tourist destinations, which is considered the most important in Turkey and contains the most important historical monuments of palaces and museums in addition to hosting several natural recreational facilities, the most important to mention is the puppet hill Or Camlica Hill.

Puppet Hill ... Camlica:

Camlica Hill is located in the Asian Istanbul in the region of Uskudar. The city of Istanbul is known for its seven hills and the highest of which is the Camlica Hill which is divided into two hills namely Grand Camlica which is 276 m above sea level, while Little Camlica is 229 m above sea level.

This puppet hill was opened in 1980 by the Turkish government as a public rest. 

Camlica overlooks the entire city of Istanbul and this is the most important feature of it.

When you reach the top of the hill, you will be captivated by the strait scenery with its bridges, princess islands and even Uludag Mountain in Sakarya area near Bursa can be seen from Camlica hill.

The most important facilities and activities you can do in Camlica:

There are many types of trees, plants and roses in Camlica, especially the tulip flower that covers this hill during the season of the Tulip Festival in Istanbul in the spring.

 There are also cafes, restaurants and booths to sell various products in addition to walking and running paths and wooden benches to sit and enjoy the magnificent scene of Istanbul in front of your eyes from its highest hills.

A lot of fun activities can be done in Camlica where it is an ideal place for picnics with family or friends in the clear sunny atmosphere. 

It is also a perfect place to meet loved ones and watch the sunset or even the sunrise over the waters of the Bosporus Strait, and it is one of the most important areas where new brides go to take memorial photos of the most important days of their lives in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

And do not forget the location of the hill in the region of Uskudar, which is one of the most beautiful areas of the city of Istanbul in its Asian section, and in which you can do many amusing things.

Real estate in the Asian section of Istanbul

Living in Asian Istanbul is suitable for those looking for sophistication, tranquility and beauty with the warmth of the general atmosphere and as all areas and neighborhoods of this section of the city enjoy the charm and special beauty and therefore buying a property in Istanbul Asia is definitely a bargain.

As for the subject of investment in the Turkish real estate market, the Asian section of Istanbul is a distinctive and successful option as it contains a number of the most important tourist facilities in the city and the distribution of service facilities such as transportation, universities, hospitals, markets and others in addition to the presence of Sabiha International Airport within it.

As for the prices of Istanbul Asian properties they range between medium to high and this rise in the price of property is expelled as we approach the surrounding areas which overlooks the Bosporus strait.

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