The most important means of transportation in Istanbul:

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

transportation in Istanbul
transportation in Istanbul

Istanbul is the economic center of Turkey today and for decades and so far has witnessed an unprecedented and significant flourishment, construction and development movement that has contributed to placing the city on the map of the world as one of the most beautiful and most favored by tourists from various countries,

In the past years, the infrastructure of the city of Istanbul has been fully developed and many large projects have been established in Istanbul which have contributed in the support of the Turkish economy without a doubt.

The improvement of the infrastructure of the city of Istanbul encompassed several aspects directly affecting the lives of its residents

And the most important of these improvements were in terms of transportation.

Istanbul area and its sections:

The city of Istanbul is spread over a very wide geographical area as a one city, with a total area of approximately 5460 square kilometers and a land area of approximately 5300 square kilometers.

The city is divided administratively into 39 municipalities, each of which includes a number of neighborhoods and facilities.

This wide geographical spread makes the issue of movement between sections of the city undoubtedly difficult, which the Turkish government has been keen in the past years to find solutions to it by making a huge and sophisticated transport web in the city linking all sections and facilitate the movement from the Asian side to the European side of it.

The most important transportation and main roads in Istanbul

Today there are many means of land and sea transportation in Istanbul, which make it easier to move between its two parts, including:

Main roads: E-5 and TEM highways

Bridges: Bosporus Bridge (July 15 Martyrs Bridge)

              Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge

              The Yavuz Selim Bridge 

Land Transportation:

Metro: It is a subway, which has in Istanbul several lines stretching along the city, namely: - Atarturk Airport to Aksaray

              - Yenikapi to Haciosman

              - Kadikoy to Kartal

              - Marmaray line, which connects the Asian and European sections of the city

Metrobus: This is the main means of transport in Istanbul, which is represented by long buses that run on a specific route that runs between Sogutlucesme station in the Asian section and to Beylikdüzü in its European section all day long and continuously.

Tramway: It is an above-ground transport train that runs on a railway within the city's streets and its route is not straight. Unlike the Metro and Metro bus, the tramway sometimes stands at traffic lights and has four lines connecting the most important tourist areas in the city together:

                  - Kabatash- Bagcilar

                  - Sishane - Taksim

                  - Kadikoy- Moda

                  - Habibler- Topkapi

This is in addition to the buses, which are distributed in each alley of each neighborhood in the city and minibus buses,

And sea ferries which transport people between the two sides of the Bosporus and between the European and Asian sections of Istanbul in general.

The Importance of Transportation in the location of the property in Istanbul:

The proximity to the main means of transport is very important when it comes to Istanbul real estate. Where the proximity of the project to the main roads and metro or metro bus stations increases the features of the property and makes it more suitable for living, work or even investment.

 Buying an apartment in Istanbul in a well-serviced location with Transportation increases the chances of making it the basis for a good investment with a guaranteed profit.

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