The most important business centers in Istanbul, Turkey:

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Business centers in Istanbul
Business centers in Istanbul

Trade and investment in Turkey have flourished in the last decade,

As Turkey has made qualitative moves in various fields of business, which contributed to the support of the country's economy to become one of the strongest economies in the world today.

What distinguishes Turkey today from other countries in general is that all branches and forms of business and investment are strong, guaranteed and have fixed profit in addition to the fact that the development and modernization in the Turkish laws related to investment, especially for foreigners, has made it an ideal environment for young businessmen and investors, or even those with creative ideas. Where in Turkey, any project can be established on a firm basis.

The Turkish real estate market is perhaps the best example of this, as the Turkish government has provided great facilities to foreign investors, and has made several amendments to existing laws to make it more appropriate, such as amendment of the law of obtaining the Turkish citizenship by owning a property in Turkey, where the limit of the minimum price of the property has been reduced from one million dollars to 250 thousand dollars.

As the capital of economy in the country, Istanbul has received the lion's share of these foreign investments in various fields of business and trade, where this Turkish city has all the essential elements for the success of any business or project. 

In this context let’s talk about,

The most important business and commercial centers in Istanbul

In general, any area in the city of Istanbul can be considered a good place to establish a successful investment as long as the conditions exist, which begins by studying the type of project that the person intends to establish in all its details, identify the consuming groups or target for him and what is the best marketing method to reach them,

It is also important for the investor to think well about the required budget and workplace

However, some areas of Istanbul are considered to be the best in terms of trade and business, including:


Maslak is located in the north of the European part of Istanbul and is a bordering area of the Bosporus.

In addition, it is adjacent to the most important areas and centers in the city, especially of historical and tourist importance such as Sariyer, Taksim, Sisli and others.

This unique geographical location in the city, as well as the long-standing importance which is decades-long of the region, has made Maslak today one of the first business and commercial centers in Istanbul where today it hosts the most important major commercial, real estate and infrastructure projects as well.

This is in addition to the availability of essential services in it as the headquarters of a one of the most important Turkish universities can be found in it, which is Istanbul Technical University in addition to the presence of a number of major shopping centers, most important of which Mall Istinye.


Sisli is located in the center of the city of Istanbul in the European part of it and is one of the old areas and has been a vital center since the Ottoman era, Sisli has many features that made it the first trade and business center in Istanbul,

 and the most important of these features: the average location in the city which is close to all vital areas of interest Such as Maslak, Levent, Fatih, Taksim and others

It is also the region that enjoys the most diverse demographic of all, as it is home to various people of different nationalities, beliefs and sects.

In addition to the municipality of Şişli has the most important business districts in the city, which is the neighborhood of Mecidiyekoy, which is characterized by having the strongest transport network in the city

It also includes a number of important services and entertainment facilities such as Trump Towers and Cevahir Mall and a number of high-end hotels, luxury residential complexes, also the headquarters of some of the most important companies in the city.

Basin Express:

In the strong development movement that was done by the municipality of Istanbul under the supervision of the Turkish government in the past decade, many areas of the city have been revived to become of the most important centers today and perhaps the Basin Express area or road is one of the most areas which has witnessed a lot of this development and growth to become the second business center in Istanbul today.

The Basin Express road is located at the intersection of the city's two main highways, the TEM and the E-5 roads.

In addition, Basin Express mediates the city's most important centers such as Avcilar, Beylikdüzü and Bayrampaşa. There are also many high-end hotels and shopping centers in the area such as Outlet Power 212.

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