What are the best places for real estate investment in Turkey?

A large number of foreign investors are buying property and investing in Turkey in general, and certain regions and cities are attracting the interest of foreign and local investors alike, because they have advantages that make living and investing in them better and more secure.

Among the most important places of real estate investment in Turkey are:


Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Turkey. As it is considered a dream for many who want to buy a property in Turkey. It has many options and there are many mega projects and thematic within the scheme to provide holiday homes, summer apartments or studio rooms suitable for city workers in it.

Istanbul real estate market attracts Arab, American and European investors because of its rich cultural and civilization and its warm and pleasant climate.

There are also an unlimited number of options for food, shopping, art, entertainment and lifestyle, as long as you know where to buy your needs, everything you need, you can get it easily.

According to the latest statistics the population of Istanbul city is around 14 million people, and is expected to increase, which establishes a strong trend for new and modern real estate. Demand for renovation projects is also increasing, and the availability of land can cover this demand.


Located on the Mediterranean coast, Fethiye is home to foreigners from Britain in particular, and as a popular holiday destination, locals often speak English, reinforcing an easy way of life for expatriates who feel they have passed the language stage.

Fethiye is usually the busiest during summer and when winter arrives, local businesses such as bars and restaurants are temporarily closed. This factor plays a big role for real estate investors who are looking for summer homes, for themselves or for rental.


On the Aegean coast, Bodrum is an attractive destination for budget investors, as well as luxury property buyers who are interested in $ 1 million villas with the latest architectural fashions and modern furnishings. 

The peninsula offers a wide range of apartments and villas, all close to shopping facilities, and the nearby airport provides quick and easy access during the summer. It immediately elevates its position as an international business, lifestyle and tourism hub.


As the second most popular holiday destination in Turkey, Antalya has one of the busiest airports in the country and attracts many nationalities including Germans, Russians, British and Turks. Because of Antalya's strength in the tourism market, foreign investors are particularly interested in buying apartments and villas on the sea.

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