The Grand Bazaar ... The oldest covered market in Istanbul:

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Grand Bazaar
Grand Bazaar

Closed or roofed markets are spread in various Turkish cities and even in many countries in the Middle East. They date back to the Ottoman era, where they were built and perhaps, they were historical form of what is known today as shopping centers or malls. No matter how the weather whether it is raining or the summer sun burns the foreheads.

One of the most important of these markets is the closed market in Istanbul or the Grand Bazaar, which is a historical landmark and a favorite tourist destination in the city for tourists from different countries of the world.

History of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul dates back to the fifteenth century, which extends to more than 500 years and is one of the most important historical and shopping complexes in the city and Turkey in general and contains more than 4000 shops that sell a wide range of traditional and artistic goods in addition to the proliferation of shops that sell traditional silver and gold.

The market extends over forty hectares and consists of 80 streets and 40 Khan and has about 18 doors, including the main door or the door of Ottoman light,on which carved the emblem of the Ottoman Empire.

The location of the market and the activities in which it can be carried out in it

The closed market or Grand Bazaar is located in the Fatih area, specifically in the historic district of Beyazit which contains a number of the most important tourist places in Turkey in general,

The market contains many shops that sell various kinds of goods such as fabrics, bags, antiques, souvenirs, carpets, silk etc.

There are also a number of restaurants in the market offering various types of dishes from Ottoman Turkish cuisine and Turkish dessert shops as well

Within the Grand Bazaar there are also two mosques, a police station and the largest historical treasury in the world, which contains the most precious jewels in the place and is found in what is known as Cevahir Bedesteni.

In addition, the market has a number of popular Turkish baths that offer visitors a chance to relax.

The most important places near the Grand Bazaar

One of the advantages of the closed market or the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is also its location as it is surrounded by a number of the most important tourist places in the city, which are undoubtedly the favorite destinations for tourists, including Sultanahmet Square, Eminonu, Fatih and Beyazit.

The Grand Bazaar can be reached in many ways, including the Tramway and buses from Taksim Square or walking from Sultanahmet Square.

Property in Istanbul near the Grand Bazaar:

In the Fatih area where the market is located you can find different types of real estate options as it is one of the most important locations in the Istanbul real estate market because of its historical importance and its distinctive location in the city which is close to the most important vital centers and attractions in addition to its proximity to the Golden Horn Bay

The prices of properties in this area are ranging from medium to high as it contains popular or ordinary buildings in addition to containing a number of the most important and finest residential complexes.

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