Maslak, Sariyer- Istanbul

One of the most beautiful areas on the coast of the Bosporus on the European side of Istanbul, 

It is considered a residential and tourist neighborhood because of the beauty of buildings and houses designs, the availability of tourist and recreational sites in addition to its charming nature as it is located between of the Bosporus and Belgrade forests. 

Living in these areas makes the dream of Istanbul, which haunts many comes to life, where there is everything that distinguishes this city with its charm and beauty. 

Places of interest in Sarıyer and Maslak cannot be counted. They include the famous Bosporus Bridge, the Strait Coast, Rumeli Siege Fortress, the Emirgan Park and many other places that are equally important. 

The independent houses in Sariyer are characterized by their rustic designs and bright colors, in addition to the abundant high-end residential complexes overlooking the strait or near the forest of Belgrade.  

These neighborhoods are also close to the city center and are well served by good transport including metro and buses, and there are ports of departure ships that transport passengers between the European and Asian parts of the city through the Bosporus. 

It is also close to the Bosporus Bridge and the TEM highway.  

There are a number of important shopping centers such as Istinye Mall, which includes some of the most famous international fashion brands. 

There is also the campus of one of the most important universities in Turkey, Istanbul Technical University. 

And looking for these many features the areas of Maslak and Sariyer are considered high end naighborhoods and that’s why properties in Istanbul in these areas are the highest in matter of prices. 

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