cheap property in Istanbul

Today, in the midst of huge real estate growth worldwide, buying a property is the most secure long-term investment in various countries. 

In recent years, Turkey has been able to compete with the leading countries in this field, thanks to the efforts made by the Turkish government in order to improve the economy of the country.  

Today, the real estate market in Turkey is one of the most powerful real estate markets in the world, so buying properties in Turkey is the first desire of many different individuals from different countries. 

 Istanbul properties: 

The status of Istanbul in Turkey as the most important economic center in the country, in addition to its geographical and historical importance must have contributed significantly to being today the first destination in the field of real estate in Turkey, where Istanbul is the largest incubator for construction companies and real estate investment companies, also thanks to the demographic diversity and as it contains a large number of beautiful areas suitable for living, stability and investment. 

Advantages of owning a property in Istanbul

A foreign investor or a person wishing to own a property in Turkey may come up with reasons to choose Istanbul as the final destination of his own project, whether he want to buy apartments in Istanbul with the aim of settling or establishing a business and investing in real estate. 

Let us mention the advantages of living in Istanbul in order to answer this question: 


  • The city of Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and contains the most important tourist and historical attractions, it was the capital of three of the greatest empires in history and is an important link between two continents and different worlds in addition to possessing a rich, charming and diverse nature 

  • The climate of Istanbul is beautiful, moderate and distinctive and we do not talk about the climate in the sense of the weather here, but the general climate of the city, which is characterized by being warmth and welcoming and the cultural diversity that approaches different worlds and opens for the one's new doors. 

  • Istanbul is an investment base of excellence, it has all the ingredients for the success of any investment in terms of the availability of good sites, abundant labor in addition to a large and diverse base of consumers who are the basis of the success of investments and trade. 

On the other hand, what distinguishes Istanbul real estate market in Istanbul is three important points: 


First - the availability of a large area of choices in relation to the location of the property and therefore you must find your application accurately and in proportion to all your requirements and possibilities 

Second: the presence of a large number of reliable real estate consultancy companies, which help you in the search for the property and to choose the best for you without problems in addition to conducting formal transactions related to the transfer of ownership of the property and the purchase contract and other things, which is difficult for you as a foreigner or as a person who does not have enough experience in The field of Istanbul real estate and who can fall into the problem or as a victim of exploitation and fraud 

Third: The availability of high quality properties at reasonable and medium prices: It is the most important characteristic of the Turkish real estate market in general, as it is now known that one of the most important reasons for foreigners who want to buy apartments or real estate investment towards Turkey is that it offers many real estate options and high quality and that For average prices and much cheaper compared to properties prices in Europe, for example. 

If we talk about Istanbul in particular, the real estate prices are mainly related to the location of the property and due to the wide geographical spread of the city, it provides you with all the options that you will undoubtedly find your aim in. 

Buying cheap apartments in Istanbul does not mean that you have to compromise or live in a bad location with poor services, where there are many high-end and developing areas that contain projects that offer properties with modern designs and good specifications and many services for low prices in Istanbul, such as Esenyurt which is a well-developed and well serviced area. 

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