These areas are located in the center of the European section of the city of Istanbul and are considered of the most vital centers in it. 

It  includes upscale neighborhoods and modern buildings, which are close to the most important areas of the city such as, Sişli and Taksim, Levent and Kagithane areas are also close to the Bosporus and tourist areas such as Bebek. 

There are many commercial towers and headquarters of major local and foreign companies in addition to a number of consulates such as the  Canadian  Consulate which is found in the area of Levent. 

Levent also has the longest tower in the city of Istanbul, which is the Sapphire Tower, that’s on addition to the availability of  facilities  and places of entertainment  and services are abundant, such as Kagithane Hospital, kagithane Cultural Center, Florence Hospital and Okmeydan educational Hospital. 

These areas also have a good transportation web which includes metro, metrobus, buses and minibuses stations and its location make it easy to reach from different areas of the city of Istanbul.  

There are many large shopping centers as well such as Vadi Istanbul Mall, Ozdilek and Kanyon Mall. 

It is also rich in various types of restaurants, cafes, parks and gardens. 

Foreign investors in particular are rushing to buy properties in Istanbul in these areas which are Levent and Kagithane, especially for the purpose of real estate investment in spite of the high prices of properties in it and that’s due to its strategic location in the city and the availability of a large number of huge real estate projects, whether residential or commercial projects. 

District Projects