Properties in Istanbul

When thinking about entering the Turkish real estate market, investment in Istanbul real estate market in particular is the first thing that comes to the mind of the foreign investor, in which case he begins to search for the best option for him and his project in terms of the property’s type, investment, quality and location 

Choosing the right location for your property is the foundation for the success of your real estate investment in a big city like Istanbul 

So, what are the best places for living and real estate investment in Istanbul? 

Nisantasi: one of the most prestigious neighborhoods on the European side of Istanbul, a few minutes away from Taksim. 

Nisantasi is characterized by the existence of several wonderful neighborhoods such as "Osmanbey and Maska", and has many distinctive historical buildings of European character. The buildings of the shops have a distinctive historical and striking European geometric character, and the region in general is characterized by luxury and the presence of a lot of international high fashion houses. If you are a fan of bustle and lively nightlife, of course Nisantasi will be the perfect choice for you. Buying a property in Nisantasi is a great decision if you have the budget to own a property in this upscale neighborhood. 


Kadikoy: one of the best places to live in the Asian section of Istanbul, characterized by the presence of urban life and the presence of a lot of restaurants and shops, shopping centers, and of course a lot of high fashion houses. The area contains many distinct residential communities, and many sports centers and picnics. 


Taksim: Taksim area is known for its high real estate investment index despite the high prices of residential complexes, so it is one of  the wonderful areas for real estate investment, as well as the surrounding areas.  Taksim properties can be purchased as part of a fantastic residential project with a high investment rate at a competitive price, when contracted before the construction phase. Taksim is the lifeblood of Istanbul and the center of it and the best choice for all. 


Topkapi: Located in the heart of Istanbul in the European section, in which there are a lot of monuments and all the services and facilities. But,the most important characteristic of this area is its proximity to the means of transport such as metro and metro bus, which facilitates access to the most important landmarks of the city such as archaeological markets and shopping centers and this makes it a  great place for those interested in real estate investment in Istanbul. 



Esenyurt: Located in the European section of Istanbul, between the lakes of Kucukcekmece and Buyukcekmece, it is also close to Beylikdüzü, Avcılar and Bahçeşehir. 

Esenyurt is an upscale residential area, although in the past it was a popular residential area but has recently witnessed special interest  from some construction companies. Many modern residential complexes have been built and there are still buildings under construction, which means more wonderful opportunities for those interested in the field of real estate investment in Istanbul. 

The region also has many  Turkish and foreign schools, as well as a large number of private educational centers and kindergartens. Esenyurt also has several universities such as Esenyurt University and  Fatih university . 


Beylikdüzü: Beylikdüzü is one of the most important areas where you can buy villas in Istanbul with affordable prices and distinctive properties. 

There are many distinctive real estate projects with high residential towers in the region, where investors can buy properties of the required quality and the right price at the same time.  And property prices in these projects are reasonable although they have good infrastructure and high-end designs. 


Basaksehir: Basaksehir is one of the most important areas of the city of Istanbul and is also one of the most attractive for local and foreign investors, where in recent years it has become an important center to attract the largest construction companies in Turkey, where these companies began to create a lot of outstanding real estate projects. With an excellent transport network, investors can also buy high-quality properties in the region at very reasonable prices. 


There are many wonderful opportunities for real estate investment in Turkey. 

You can buy properties in Istanbul in many different areas, and despite the differences between the regions, but all of them are characterized by high returns on real estate investment. 

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