Located in the European section of Istanbul north of Eyup, it is an important and rich vital center close to the city center where Taksim and Beyoglu neighborhoods are found. 


Gaziosmanpasa has different types of properties and buildings, as it is an old and historical area and therefore contains ordinary buildings and independent houses, and recently due to the increased emphasis by the government and local and foreign investors there have been many projects of high-end residential complexes and modern built in it. 

The location of Gaziosmanpasa and its importance among the municipalities in Istanbul makes it rich in various services, and recreational facilities where in which you can find:  

The Mall of Venice which is entirely designed on the principle of the Italian city of Venice, where you can stroll inside of it by the boats, there is also the complex of European Konaklari. 

The area is well-serviced with transportation where there is the Topkapi tramway, metro and buses where all of which go directly to most areas of the city, GOP is also close to the TEM highway. 

Gaziosmanpasa has a number of important hospitals, such as Gaziosmanpasa Hospital and Avrasya Hospital. 

There are also one of the most important private universities in the country, Istanbul Bilgi University, in addition to a number of private and public schools. 

The prices of properties in this region vary, and the price of an apartment or property varies depending on its location and being in a normal independent building or within a residential complex. 

District projects