Fatih- Istanbul

One of the oldest historical areas in the European part of Istanbul, it was founded in the time of Ottoman Sultan Mohammed II. 

Fatih is located in the heart of the old city of Istanbul overlooking the Golden Horn Bay. It contains the most important historical landmarks of Istanbul and the most important of which: 

Sultanahmet square where the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum and Topkapi Palace

The Fatih mosque overlooking the Gulf, and the ports of Eminonu and Yenikapi. 

Aksaray, one of the most lively and busy neighborhoods in Istanbul, is also affiliated to it.


There are a large number of service facilities such as universities, hospitals and transportation such as: 

Government Research Hospital, the headquarters of the oldest university in the country, Istanbul University, and Beyazit Public Library, 

There is also the closed market or the Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian market and a countless number of the most beautiful and most important tourist areas. 

There are a number of modern shopping malls as well, such as the Mall of Historia. 

Transportation in the Fatih area are also varied, including metro, tramway, buses and minibuses. 

In Fatih you can find very expensive or medium-priced properties because it contains upscale residential complexes in addition to ordinary popular neighborhoods, this diversity in addition to the location and richness of important tourist sites makes Fatih a favorite destination for tourists and foreign investors who want to invest in the Turkish real estate market in Istanbul specifically. 

District projects