Establishing companies in Turkey

Starting your own business in Turkey requires market research and an understanding of the best marketing methods for you and your company in a safe and sound manner. 

BEIN Turkey, based in Istanbul, provides corporate start-up services to its clients as well as related services in Turkey real estate. 

In the beginning you should know the basic steps to create your business: 

First - the headquarters of the company: It means the actual location that you will choose to be the headquarters of your work, which must be in a dynamic and easily accessible location in addition to the importance of the form of the property or the office from inside and outside like the building and the street in which it is located. 

Second: Capital: It is the cornerstone in the construction and establishment of any company, especially in Turkey, where the Turkish government requires a minimum amount of capital to allow the establishment of the work of 10,000 TL

Third: Strong presence on the Internet and social media: It is not hidden that e-marketing today is the main factor for the success or failure of any business, whatever its scope, whether in relation to the company's website or marketing pages on various social media programs 

Therefore, this aspect is very important when you want to establish any company of any kind. 

How BEIN Turkey helps you establish your own business: 

The team of our company with different specialties provide all possible services to help customers in completing all the basic steps to establish a company, and give them an excellent start as the beginning of the success of their project. 

Our team is keen to stay in touch with customers from the very beginning to put them on the right track towards their successful investment. 

All of this while ensuring commitment and service delivery with high standards and quality.