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Basin Express is today one of the most important financial centers in Istanbul and has recently become the preferred destination for foreign investors who are interested in real estate investment in Istanbul. 

Basin Express is located at the most important intersection of the city where the TEM highway meets the E-5 highway, the two main roads in Istanbul, as well as being adjacent to the coastal road. 

why this property?

The project is located in Basın Express Road which is one of the connection roads between TEM and E-5 highways. 

Basın Express road also has a direct connection road to İstanbul New Airport. 

The project’s location is full of hospitals (Bağcılar Medicine Hospital), schools (Altınbaş University, Kültür University) and malls (212 İstanbul Power Outlet, Mall of İstanbul). 

The project is only 10 minutes from metrobus station and between 2 metro stations and traffic will not be a problem for you anymore.


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BEIN Turkey is a real estate consultancy company based in Istanbul and was established in 2016, our company specializes in providing all integrated real estate services such as free tours, consultancy and property management, in addition to conducting all legal transactions for the client and the property  from the purchase and extraction of residence papers and others, we at BEIN Turkey offer our clients various types of properties within our distinctive projects in several Turkish cities, which include complexes and apartments, offices and investment properties, hotel apartments and many other high-end and other properties to suit all requests and desires and budgets. All this and more with our team of the best real estate consultants and sales officials to provide you with integrated real estate consultancy services. 

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